Episode 1 – The Phantom Cab

Oct 31, 1990 · The Tale of the Phantom Cab. Two brothers, while lost in the woods, come across a mysterious cab driver and a very unusual man named Dr. Vink who won’t let any of his victims go unless they solve a riddle.

Ren and Maria introduce themselves and the show with the pilot episode to air in the US.

Hosts: Ren Davenport and Maria Sanchez

Producer: Matt Davenport

Music from Freepd.com. Title: Nightmare. Written by Alexander Nakarada. Simple and spooky, tension filled track made as a combination of light horror and comedy.

One thought on “Episode 1 – The Phantom Cab

  1. A delightful hour of pop-culture blasting, guys. Definitely on par with (if not above) every other network-affiliated retro-TV comedic-breakdown/teardown podcast I’ve heard, and a billion times funnier than 98% of the YouTube-based retro-TV videos I’ve struggled to watch with disappointment/annoyance. Some particularly giggle-worthy moments (joke spoiler alert): the description of the non-emotive child actor being as “scared” as a sculpture of a choirboy caroling at Christmas; “Where’s Sarah Koenig when you need her?”; the idea that a Midnight Society member’s mother would be listening to a Nora Roberts audiobook in her van while the kids are terrorizing each other; and of course the multiple mockeries of the bunsen burner-strewn laboratory (“with all the fire”) with dry ice everywhere. Too many hands in jars (“a child’s intellect is not stored in his hand”). The list goes on. Keep up the good work, guys. I downloaded the file from this blog site, so I will subscribe via whatever method there may be to do so.

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